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An idea came up with exploring high end online promotion of residential compounds all over in the kingdom , However, like any other online marketing discipline, getting in front of the right customers is posing more and more extra features . As real estate agents and homeowners realize the steep uphill battle needed to be climbed, we turned to professionals to assist them in this highly complex and convoluted field of online marketing for Residential Compounds the way its works landlords can promote their properties with presenting their full features and amenities to explore maximum information by categorizing price range – location wise – indication if facilities – client touring schedules calendar and customer reviews many more features


The roots of the go back more than a perfect Real-estate market study in Residencies Sector especially in housing compounds and compounds all over the kingdom with in-depth experience tested and proven concepts . Today, is one of the largest listing website for residential compounds in Allover the kingdom. It is also help to explore landlords, developers to present their properties to getting potential leads from seekers with min cost of investment it can increase the occupation ratio.


To be a leading high traffic website of important factor marketing residential compound all over the kingdom of in the manner that meets the expectations and aspirations of our customers locally and globally by connecting the large community of compound seekers all over the kingdom


  • Promoting the residential compound to find distinct and attractive themes and styles it will boost your occupation rate with targeted leads
  • Develop and support housing compounds industry, according to market needs and trends.
  • Continued development for our services and products to be of a high quality and valuable with cost effective for both landlords and tenants
  • Performs market studies to evaluate real estate conditions within the Saudi market. Our studies focus on competition and strengths or weakness
  • We offers an APPRAISAL of real estate valuation products and services. Our platform allows us to meet your appraisal needs on a national level yet give you the kind of personalized service.
  • We assist our client to gain the insights needed to understand trends of the market and how they can affect their businesses.
  • We design and execute market research according to your particular needs. Our findings could assist you understand the market flows
  • We are confident that our core value of cost reduction, top service, and benefits programs coupled with true interactive technology, dovetail perfectly into our client’s global mobility goals. Our client retention statistics, of 99, 4 %, over the past years show us that our values, culture, and total commitment to our services


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